How To Play Ride The Bus Drinking Game: Ride the Bus is a tough looking drinking game that requirs the player’s logical skills and a lots of luck to play until last round. If you cannot predict correctly, you drink! The game utilizes a standard deck of playing cards (52 cards) and the goal of the game is to have the fewest number of cards in hand at the end of the round.

Before starting the game, players must pick one person for the role of dealer and arrange themselves in around a table with some beer in hand or you can choose by playing something with beer. The game or rules might tougher on paper but once the game gets start it’s very easy to pick up and people can watch and learn as the game progresses.

Ride The Bus Drinking Game Gameplay

First Round: The dealer starts on his or her left and asks everyone the first question, Red or Black? Then dealer will place the first card in front of each player. If the player is correct, that person can distribute a drink. If incorrect, that person must take a drink. This continues until everyone has received their first card and has either distributed or taken a drink.

Second Round: The dealer starts on his or her left and asks everyone the 2nd question, Higher or Lower? With ace being high and two being low, players must guess if the next card is higher or lower in value than their first card. For some, the answer will be simple but for others, it takes some guesswork. If the player is correct, that person can distribute a drink. If they’re wrong, that person must take a drink. If you got an identical card then it's your bad luck and that’s an automatic penalty and you must drink now.

Round Three: With the same format as the previous two rounds, the dealer asks 3rd question, in-between or outside? meaning, will the card that’s about to be dealt fall in-between the two previous cards’ values, or outside of the gap? For example, if your first two cards are four and nine, five would be inside while a Queen would be outside. If the card is the same as either boundary card, the dealer again reshuffles the dealt card and picks from the top.

Round Four: In the last round the dealer asks each player to pick a suit, giving them a one in four chance of avoiding a drink. If the player guesses wrong, as they likely will, they drink. If they happen to guess correctly, they are rewarded with five drinks to distribute amongst the other players, either assigning each drink to a different opponent or stacking five sips onto one person.

This is the phase 1 of this game and phase 2 will proceds with pyramids.

Building the Pyramid

Players collect their four distributed cards and hold them privately. The dealer then builds a pyramid of face-down cards, with five cards at the base, four in the next row and so on until there is one card at the top. Drink values increase as you go up the pyramid, with cards on the bottom row counting for one drink each, and the single top card counting for five drinks, or one shot of liquor, if you want to up the ante.

Starting at the bottom row, one card is flipped at a time. Anyone who has a matching card in their hand can lay their card on top, gaining them the right to punish another player with the quantity of drinks associated with that row. Multiple cards can be laid down per row and on the same card, and the drinks earned can be distributed however the player pleases. Play continues up the pyramid.

Players have the option of saving their cards in the hopes they’ll be able to match them to a higher pyramid value. But it’s a risky move, as having the most cards in your hand by the end of Phase Two means you have to ride the bus.

Last and final round is riding the bus.

Riding the Bus

In the last round, the players must guess the suit of the final card they are dealt (spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds). If they guess correctly, they have 5 people drink. If they are wrong, they only consume 1 drink. Players may split their 5 drink OR force them all on one player.

Then, players take all their cards (four cards) in hand while the dealer forms a pyramid (face-down). The pyramid has a 5 card base (then 4, 3, 2, 1… you know the drill). Each row is assigned a value with alcohol, with the top row being worth more drinks than the bottoms ones (the rows ascend in number/potency of drinks). So that, they top row, for example, is 2 shots while the bottom rows are a drink, a couple drinks, and so on. This can be determined by all the players before starting the pyramid.

Beginning with the bottom row, cards are flipped over one at a time. Players who have a card in hand of equal rank place their card on the pyramid and gives a player the assigned number of drinks for that row. More than one card can be laid at a time.

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