Anupama 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update

Anupama 17th August 2022 Written Update, anupama written update today

Anuj asks about Little Anu. Anupama says she's flashing back him a lot. He should get well soon and meet her. She gives Little Anu’s given cuff to him. He says he wants to go home. She says he'll after a many days. Barkha thinks their love will noway end. Anuj’s condition suddenly deteriorates again. The croaker sends Anupama out and tries to handle him. Barkha thinks, Thank God Anuj got unconscious again. She got some time to suppose. Kavya thanked God that Anuj did n’t say anything and hoped Vanraj would n’t have done anything.

Anupama 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update
Anupama Written Update

Kinjal notices Little Anu drawing a family sketch and asks if she made it for pop. Little Anu says yes, pop wanted to take them to Fairyland. They will go to Goa formerly pop gets well. Samar informs Kavya that there's still no news about Anuj’s health yet. Barkha tells Adhik that fate isn't on their side. Ankush says Anuj is injured, but they've lost their minds. Barkha says it's better that Anuj stays in the sanitarium rather of them getting out of the house; they need time to take over the Kapadia conglomerate. Ankush says she's day featuring as Anuj transferred everything into Anupama’s name. According to Barkha, Anupama can not handle the Kapadia conglomerate in this state and will be preoccupied with Anuj, so they've an occasion to take over the Kapadia conglomerate. Anupama looks at them. Ankush says Anupama realised that they were conspiring and not soliciting for Anuj.

comes out and informs us that Anuj’s condition has deteriorated more and he fears he may slip into a coma and it may take months or indeed times to get out of it. The Shahs are shocked to hear that. Anupama stumbles. Samar holds her. Barkha tells Adhik and Ankush that she's feeling bad for Anuj and not herself and asks about Vanraj. Adhik says his condition is better than ahead. Barkha says Vanraj has quite a picky memory. Anupama sits beside Anuj while Kavya takes care of Vanraj. She recalls the accident incident. Nirgun, O Palan Haare The song" O Nyaare" plays in the background. GK tries to wake up Anuj in vain and walks out emotionally. Anupama asks Vanraj what really happened that day. Vanraj says he just remembers taking Anuj at the cliff end and arguing with them, but does n’t flash back what happened next.

Anupama keeps looking after Anuj. She says she will read the proposal first and sign it if it feels right when the company calls to ask her to sign on a business file. Vanraj begins to use a walker. Anuj's condition hasn't improved after 13 days, although Vanraj has started using a walker. He halts at the ICU room for Anuj. Time seemed to have stopped in this room, according to Kavya. Family of the afflicted suffers greatly, according to Vanraj. Anupama gives him a look. Kavya believes that because V has insisted so often that he doesn't recall anything, Anupama is impatiently awaiting the revelation of the truth, but she instead notices guilt in V's eyes and complaint in Anupama's. Anupama strolls over to them. Vanraj predicts Anuj will

Anupama says her hubby is fighting for life. She's soliciting God for her hubby’s life. Their little son is living without her parents. Will his reason set everything right? She says he's responsible for Anuj’s accident and Anuj's going into a coma; he thinks everything will be alright just because Vanraj Shah is sori. She warns him to poke him. He shouts. She cries that he ruined her life for times, and when she stood back, he ruined her life again. She asks why he took Anuj to the precipice. He says he was angry that Anuj ruined his life and wanted to shoot Anuj far down from the Shah family; he wanted to end both families ’ fight and they lived peacefully far down from each other. Anupama asks why he took Anuj to a precipice to bandy that. Vanraj says she's distrusting him like everyone does and says he hovered to kill Anuj but did n’t push Anuj from the precipice.

Anuj asks how Anuj fell from the precipice also. Vanraj says he does n’t flash back anything and does n’t know if Anuj slipped or if he pushed Anuj down. Anupama says whatever happed is because of him and she hates him. Vanraj fails to flash back the incident. Anupama asks him to flash back it and meet her whenever he does that. Barkha hears their discussion. Anupama returns to Anuj and sits beside him, crying.