रेडमी 13 5G (Redmi 13 5G) भारत में हुआ लांच, आइए जानते है की ऐसा क्या खास है इस फ़ोन में जिसके लिए आपको इसे खरीदना चाहिए। आपको हम Redmi 13 5G के कैमरा परफॉर्मन्स, स्पेसिफिकेशन, मेमोरी, गेमिंग परफॉर्मेंस तथा अन्य बातो के बारे में रिव्यु करेंगे।

Redmi 13 5G launched, price, specifications, camera, performance, features

17.2cm(6.79) FHD+ Display

120Hz Adaptive Sync Refresh Rate

Redmi 13 5G brings a big display for passionate gamers and entertainment enthusiasts to enjoy multimedia at its best.

The display's intelligent AdaptiveSync refresh rate dynamically switches between 30Hz/48Hz/60Hz/90Hz/120Hz as per the content on your screen to give you the desired experience while being power efficient.

More pixels, bigger resolution, better memories. Capture every memory in ultra HD with the 108MP Dual AI camera setup. With 3X in-sensor zoom, capture zoomed-in images with no loss in quality.

Classic film filters modelled after iconic films – KC64, V-250, H-400, KP160, FC400, C-50D, KG200, etc. Perform pixel level calculations and adjustments, giving off a vintage vibe and turning your photo into a masterpiece right away. 

Processor - Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 AE

Experience speed like never before with Seamless Connectivity on the Redmi 13 5G with up to Great Speed.

Up to 16GB* RAM

8GB RAM + 8GB Virtual RAM for a faster, smooter and seamless multitasking experience

Redmi 13 5G gets an upgraded 33W TurboCharge experience and a massive 5030mAh battery that charges your phone to 50% in just under 30 mins. Also comes with a 33W charger in-box